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Cottage Building Lots in Scenic Callander Bay on Lake Nippissing and on Highway 11 North of Algonquin Park beside The City of North Bay.


Approach from Hwy 11


Some Trunk Shoreline

Southern Ontario.resized

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Other islands In the Bay


Looking out to adjacent small island

Callander Bay Lake Nippissing.resized

Old growth boreal forest.  Enough to make a tree hugger of anyone..

There are 20 lots on this unspoiled 35 acre Island.  A few choice lots remain.  Adjacent Smith Island is sold out, and the North Shore of Callander Bay, a stone’s throw from here is fully developed with well appointed, permanent residences.  The north shore development includes a fabulous golf course and wild cranberry marsh. 

This whole area is in the relatively sheltered waters of Callander Bay, a veritable playground with marinas, shopping and, right on Hwy 11 it’s just a few miles South of the City North Bay.

Lake Nippissing, is vast.  Just have a look at any Ontario Map.