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100% money back guarantee

At Approved Realty we know that it’s possible to sell real estate without a real estate agent.  But, just like a good agent, you need to be prepared just in case someone who shows interest in your property decides to make an offer.  For straight forward contracts, you can write up something simple designed to be fair to your prospective buyer without exposing yourself to a predatory offer.  It’s a good idea to be ready with a basic offer so all you need to do is fill in a name and sign up while your buyer is interested. 

No matter how prepared you are, there is always the possibility that you find a hot buyer who has a confusing or complicated requirement that you wish to accommodate without betraying your own interests.  That’s why we’re available to draft every kind of private offer, whenever needed, in short order, so you can strike while the iron is hot.

If such a situation arises, follow these steps:

1. Phone 416-733-1616  to determine broker availability for instant draft.

2. Send secure payment on the credit card icon through pay pal.

3. The appropriate documentation will be immediately drafted by our senior broker and sent to you in PDF  format to your e-mail account for signing.  (fax or pickup if preferred)   Our charge is $150.00 and includes all the re-drafts needed to respond to counter offers, conditions, amendments and anything else needed until the negotiation is final.  We’re so confident in our documents our fee comes with a 100% money back guarantee. In the event your offer does not end in a sale for any reason, and if you decide to use our professional brokerage services, the $150.00 is fully applied to your account against our very competitive brokerage services.      We’d like to earn your business.                            ......go back