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For Ontario Licensed Real Estate Salespeople Only

You probably worked hard to get your Real Estate License.  It probably cost you a fair amount of time and money to get registered.  Now that you are preoccupied with a different career, it has occurred to you that license maintenance costs are high enough without paying for services that you do not use.  Now you can store your real Ontario Real Estate License while avoiding all the cost of Local Board fees, Ontario Real Estate Association fees (OREA) and Canadian Real Estate Association fees.  (CREA)

Save $1,200.00 annually.  Keep Your License.

Our solution is simple, but not for everyone. Please read on.

We are accepting salespeople registrations in our rural Ontario registered office which is not the member of any real estate board. Salespeople registered there do not belong to a Real Estate Board and do not have access to proprietary Real Estate Board Multiple Listing Services.  They also do not pay for those memberships and services.

As a license storage registrant with Approved Realty Ltd. your agreement with us is that you do not trade in real estate while on this program .  This storage alternative is simply that.  You retain the investment in your real estate license until such time as you will need to work as a real estate salesperson or broker.  You no longer pay board costs and association fees while you are on this program.

Meanwhile, if you meet a client wishing to trade some real estate you may refer that client to any registered real estate Broker of your choice.  If you refer to Approved Realty Ltd. we pay you a generous referral fee, up to 50% of the commission generated. You don't do anything beyond that.  No follow up, no appointments, no offer presentations, nothing.   Just wait for a successful sale and your commission cheque.   If you prefer to send referrals to another broker, that is your choice and you remain legally eligible to receive payment of a referral fee from them through us as your broker.

If at any future time you wish to join a Real Estate Board and handle your own listings and buyers, you may either join our Toronto office and become a member of the Toronto Real Estate Board or join another broker who is a member of your favorite board elsewhere.

It is all really simple and our fee is low. $199.00 per year. In addition you must maintain mandatory insurance, RECO registration and keep up your continuing education. We take care of the details.   We remind you when your registration is up for renewal and we provide you with updated information on discount opportunities for CEU credits.

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