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Natural Source Artesian Aquifer

In this age of bottled, chlorinated, filtered city tap water, the idea of a natural spring source of the finest tasting untreated, fresh and clean Artesian water is a joy to the palate and to life.  We have a developed private spring 1.5 hours north of Toronto by easy access to major highways 400 and 11.  We are not proposing to bottle and market this abundant commodity directly because we’re best at real estate and we just can’t do everything. 

That’s why we are inviting independent operator(s) to lease the source and market this water of unrivaled excellence.  Serious inquiries from interested parties are very welcome.  We will, of course, provide ample opportunity to sample and test the product at your discretion. 

Volume is limited to 10,000 gallons per day without license but production and recovery throughput of over 450,000 gallons per day exceeds this by many times.

Do have a taste on us.  Contact.