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Approved Realty Ltd. is a small, private Ontario Real Estate Brokerage.  We take pride in that fact, and, because of that, we can serve our customers with superior service tailored to their specific objectives and circumstances.  Otherwise, any broker would do.  If we take on your challenge it is because you know what you want and trust us to know how to get it for you.  You know that your specific realty objective will get the attention you would expect from someone who has your best interest in mind.

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Specific customer needs have always been worth our express consideration since our corporate inception in 1985.  Whether you are a mortgagee concerned about commencing a power of sale remedy, a commercial investor or a family, either growing or consolidating, you can count on us to understand your goal and be pro active in achieving your desired conclusion.  We also know that after any transaction, your need for competent service does not always end there. p1000352

We aren’t interested in growing our firm, and we have strenuously resisted the urge to become the biggest, fastest, sleekest or richest realty franchise of all.    There are enough of those already.  Many people come and go in the real estate brokerage business and while they are with us, they tend to populate the largest firms. 

We don’t provide training facilities for new sales recruits because we’re not in the numbers game.  We’re here to do a few transactions exceedingly well, and that’s all.  We expect repeat business because we’ve earned it, and we’re available when we’re needed again.

Most of our clientele are interested in only one transaction. Theirs.  It helps, we believe, that that transaction matters most to us as well.

Roman Serbinski H.B.A. CEO

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